Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles from Hoyte Dodge

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles from Hoyte Dodge

Hoyte Dodge

Are you considering trading in that older Car, Truck or SUV and after pricing a new car they are out of your budget? Consider taking a look at the pre-owned or as we say in our part of the country, a used car, truck, or suv from Hoyte Dodge. At one time during my car buying experiences I would only buy a new vehicle, then I discovered a pickup truck that was three years in age. I will not say old, because it had been driven only a few years and was well taken care of by the previous owner I decided to purchase it. Now I only purchase used or pre-owned vehicles at a lower cost. This just makes good sense.


Dealer Inspection

Each vehicle at Hoyte Dodge before it is made available for sale undergoes a 125 point inspection by certified mechanics to ensure it is in top condition and ready for long years of service to the new owner. Each vehicle offered by Hoyte Dodge has a Carfax® report available. Simply request the Sales Representative to print the report, or access the vehicle on hoytedodge.com and click on the Carfax® icon for instant access to the report on the vehicle you are interested in. This report is very comprehensive and provides details about the vehicle to assist in making the correct decision when making a purchase.

Value Your Trade In

You may have paid cash or financed the vehicle you are driving. Either way it has a lot of value when applied to your next purchase. Hoyte Dodge understands that you have invested your money in the vehicle and take this all into consideration when finalizing the price of the vehicle you are purchasing. We value your trade in.

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Hoyte Dodge has a large inventory of Pre-owned Vehicles to choose from. We are located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas.  Contact us by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on new and used truck specials. Like us on Facebook. Pin us on Pinterest or follow us on Twitter.